Holiday Baking
What kind of Cookies are we Baking?
*Chocolate Chip
*Shortbread Stars
*Butterscotch Toffee Shortbread
*Oatmeal Lace
*Chewy Chocolate Espresso 
*Peppermint Bark
*Festive Marshmallow Squares
How much are the cookies?
$6 per dozen or 3 dozen for $15
(tax included)
How do I Order?
You can order by the dozen OR a 3 dozen assortment (6 of each)
When will they be ready?
You may arrange pickup any time after December 1st - anytime until December 24th at 1pm
How do I pickup?
Let us know the day and time and we will have them ready for you
....You don't even need to get out of your car - we can meet you in parking lot - just text us or call or even beep loud and we will be right out!
How do I pay?
When you pickup we will accept payment in cash or charge
​(no loyalty points may be used or will be awarded on Cookie Purchases)
Call and order your cookies today!
905-679-6308 ex 4 or ex 2
Here goes the first batch!
DSC_0003 - Copy.JPG