Great Way to Get Involved In Golf!!


From a single lesson, multiple lessons, group or clinic style lesson, to joining a structured league - How do I know what I need?   Or even more importantly - who do I need?


The dynamic between the professional and student is the most important factor on your way to learning and improving.   Once you have done the "meet and greet" you can then discuss with your professional the package that will suit your needs. 


A group lesson is a wonderful way for you and your friends to start the process of learning.    A 45-minute lesson followed by 9 holes will quickly get yours on your way to mastering golf.


Clinic style lessons will certainly help you decide if golf is the game for you.  A few moments in a group setting covering the basics of the grip, stance & swing is a great introduction to the game.


Private lessons can be the answer for those serious golfers who need a quick fix or refresher OR for those who wish to have a more intimate learning experience tailored specifically to their needs.