Want to Play Golf ....Don't let the weather affect your golf game!  Try out our Indoor Golf Simulator with your choice from over 50 courses to play!

All prices are per hour - no matter how many players!


Simulator Golf Pricing

Play for 2.5 hours      $106.19

Play for 3 hours         $123.89 

Play for 3.5 hours      $141.59

Play for 4 hours         $159.29


​​prices do not include tax


Looking for something to do this winter with your golfing friends.......

Create your Own League! 


email Elaine for details and pricing






Practice sessions with Trackman 

your swing data is collected each time you swing plus a down the line video of each shot for you to review anytime you practice

Practice by the Minute with Trackman

30  minute practice session                  $23.89

60 minute practice session                   $44.25

10 x 30 minute practice sessions        $215.01

                      Buy 9 - Get 1 Free

10 x 60 minute practice sessions        $398.25

                      Buy 9- Get 1 Free

 prices do not include tax