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Gail shares a moment ..

Although summer seems to be coming to an end.....the golf season definitely has not! There is nothing like golf in beautiful fall weather, so still lots to look forward to!

We would, however, like to share some awesome Southern Pines summer golf stories with you....


We have had who I’ve named, “The Bentham Group” golfing here the past couple of years. You may have seen them in their matching golf shirts. The Bentham Group normally consists of Lyle Bentham, his brother, Paul Bentham, and Paul’s son, Lyle’s nephew, Mark Bentham. On occasion, they have a guest player to make a fourth.

I noticed them having way too much fun each time they came to golf....before golf, during golf, and even in the clubhouse after their golf game.... so I started “spying” on them. They would show up to the course with a bag, (usually Lyle, in addition to his golf bag), and after their game in the clubhouse, I noticed many “props” on their table....so I began asking questions, being the nosy person I am.

So, these “props” are what you’ve been carrying around in the bag? What are they for? How can all of you always be smiling and laughing? Isn’t there anyone in your group who ever has a bad game?

They shared the following:

The “props” are their awards they give out each time they golf. Here are some examples of their awards:

  • “The Lumberjack...AKA The Hatchet” – (plastic hatchet) - most trees hit in a game

  • “The AquaVelva Man” (wooden fish) – most balls hit in the water

  • “Golden Eyes” (plastic pirate’s telescope)- most balls found

  • “The Midas Touch” (plastic putter) – most putts made

  • Wooden Snowman.....I wonder?

The list goes on.

Now, not all the awards are negative you see—they also have the “Good Samaritan”, FROT (Fairways hit right off the Tee), etc.

Their very own customized stats sheet, “Golf Central Game Stat Sheet 2018” is very intricate and detailed....it shows “Oh No’s”, Hot Dog Hole, etc......all with a very comprehensive scoring system.

I can honestly say—I’ve never seen a group of guys have so much fun golfing. They award their bad swings as well as their good swings (although points are deducted). All in a day’s fun, I say. They even make their own banquet tickets for their mini banquet.

There are often new awards (usually purchased from Value Village). I believe one of their newest awards is called the “Pink Floyd” award.....something to do with hitting the wall (shed on #6 hole I believe!).

It is such a pleasure to watch their fun. If you are having a bad day, just sit near their table in the clubhouse after one of their games—I guarantee they will make you smile, as their fun is infectious. Thanks guys for sharing your fun with us!

This just goes to show you.....golf is what you make it:

It can be an individual game.

It can be a group game.

It can be a social game.

It can be so much fun!!


Or, have you had a golf score UNDER your age??

Well, Lorne Rogers of Hamilton golfed 2 strokes UNDER his age here at Southern Pines on July 10th.

How cool is that!!!???

Congratulations Lorne!! Needless to say, he did beat his younger golf partner, Frank!!

Let us know if you’ve golfed your age or lower....we’d love to hear from you!!

Stories and Photographs by Gail and Terry

Brought to you by Southern Pines Golf Club

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