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Got the Shakes?

You can play golf for a lifetime, but as you get older there are challenges. 1) You can’t play more then 2 holes without going to the potty

2) You forget where you hit your shot.

3) Can’t see your shot.

4) Can’t remember how many shots you have taken.

5) Can’t bend over to take the ball out of the hole

6) Can’t loose as many golf balls as you have found ball hawking all the ponds and woods.

7) Golf bag is too heavy to put on pull cart because you have a 187 found golf balls in golf bag you won’t part with.

8) Can’t get golf ball to stay on the Tee because your hands are too shaky.

I have found the solution to fix the #8 problem (solution in figure below) BBQ Thongs

Working on the other 7 problems.

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